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Three motorways converge on Dresden. The A4 connects the west (Cologne-Eisenach-Chemnitz) and the east (Wroclaw-Görlitz-Bautzen) with Dresden. The A13 comes in from the north (Rostock-Berlin), while the A17 connects the Saxon capital with Prague.

From Magdeburg/Leipzig, take the A14 and then the A4.


For day visitors, we especially recommend the use of park-and-ride. From the various P&R sites on the outskirts of the city, simply take the bus, S-Bahn or tram and arrive at your event without the stress of city centre parking.

Car park finder

The interactive car park finder operated by the City of Dresden shows you all available parking places.The results are filtered by your location to get you to the nearest car park with places free. It also shows which car parks are about to become full and which car parks are currently closed.

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Long-distance bus

Express coaches provide fast, affordable and direct connections between Dresden and major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Prague. There are several connections per day on each of these main routes, and the buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.

Main bus stations in Dresden:

  • Hauptbahnhof Dresden, Bayerische Strasse, 01069 Dresden
  • Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz, 01099 Dresden


Leave your car and take tram or bus

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