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Dresden is No 1 in Germany regarding reliability, frequency and direct connections (according to ADAC study "Mobil in der Stadt" 2017)

Dresden’s local transport system is well-developed, affordable and wheelchair accessible. Twelve tram routes, three S-Bahn lines and 28 bus services will get you to your destination reliably, with waits usually no longer than ten minutes.And with the GuteNacht service, you can be sure of getting home safely after a late night out.

Thanks to the reliability, directness and frequency of connections, public transport users in Dresden express more satisfaction with their local system than the inhabitants of any other conurbation in Germany. And the environment benefits as well: with around 400,000 passenger journeys per 24-hour period, the city saves approximately 145 tonnes of CO2 per day.

You can buy your ticket cash at the service offices or cash at the ticket vending machines or via Google Pay und Apple Pay.

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With the ConventionTicket issued by the Dresden public transport authorities, conference delegates can use the Dresden rail and bus network at an exceptionally favourable tariff (4,00  EUR per day). Would you like to offer your delegates the perfect mobility solution for your conference?

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