Aquarium mit Axolotl im Max Planck Institut für Molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik Dresden

Dresden – Smart City and City of Excellence

Business and Science


Research facilities

10 Fraunhofer Institutes

1 DFG Research Centers

2 Helmholtz Facilities

5 Leibnitz Instituts

4 Max-Planck Instituts

No. 1

in Europe: 1,500 companies with 48,000 employees in the field of information technology and microelectronic


Researcher per 1.000 employees

since 2012

Dresden is one of the 11 german Cities of Excellence

Dresden has a recipe for success. Over the centuries, researchers and entrepreneurs have been realising their aspirations and coming up with innovative developments. The mix of business diversity, the strong industrial sector and the strength in depth of thriving medium-sized companies brings many synergies. And the business climate? It never fails to inspire. In a German context, Dresden is at the forefront of technological competitiveness. Patent applications in ultra-modern technologies are part of the permanent agenda here.

Behind this sustainable development are the six hi-tech industries of nanotechnology, microelectronics, nanoelectronics, advanced materials, biotechnology and photonics.Key technologies that come together in no other European city.

Visionary city

As a steadily growing city, Dresden is aware of its global responsibility – and acts decisively in this regard. Here, new visions for a sustainable city are to be implemented. As a ‘Smart City’ with an intelligent, networked and sustainable urban concept for

  • reduced energy and resource consumption,
  • less crowding of available space,
  • enhanced promotion of social connectedness and
  • striking the balance between expenditure and revenue.

Dresden thinks big. The city with its surroundings has already established itself as the only region in Europe to have all the key technologies as defined by the EU for tackling societal challenges: the Smart City, the global megatrend themes of Cyber ​​Security, Industry 4.0, Energy Transition and Energy Efficiency, as well as research projects on demographics and common diseases – six more good reasons to link up with the experts based here.

A location for can-do people

Anyone who makes a conscious choice for Dresden is actively shaping the future. Numerous specialists and creative minds from all over the world have come here to continue the success story of the city. Research and top-level work, with questions about the future as a big part of everyday life. Dresden-based companies have long since adopted the principles of Industry 4.0. For example, flexible, efficient and ultra-sustainable production processes have been the norm for many years in the manufacture of computer chips. The world’s most automated factories of the Dresden-based chip specialists are busy designing the future intelligent factories known as ‘Smart Fabs’. The state capital as a sustainable model city, with a beacon effect in Saxony, Europe and worldwide.

Springboard for more

For hundreds of years, Dresden has been fertile ground for the type of person who simply wants to accomplish more. Not least because networking was already in existence here before the word was even invented. The first European porcelain (1708), the first German locomotive (1838) and the first 35mm SLR camera (1936) all came from Dresden.

Nowhere else in Europe do companies benefit from such close collaboration with research institutions. Transfer facilities and technology and founder centres also assist academics with start-ups and patent applications. This helps to convert scientific discoveries into economic success even faster.

Make direct contact with business and science based in Dresden. Dresden Marketing Board provides you with valuable research and industry contacts at trade fairs and events.

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