Abendveranstaltung im Kleinen Schlosshof im Residenzschloss, Foto: Jürgen Lösel

Dresden. Convention meets Culture

Dresden combines convention with breathing culture


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Conference or art and culture? In Dresden, that’s a choice you won’t have to make, because the city ticks both boxes. The name Dresden has resonance around the world, first and foremost due to its rich history. For centuries, the former royal residence and modern state capital has embodied the European concept of beauty and grandeur.

After its first flowering in the Renaissance – to be seen in the magnificent courtyards of the Royal Palace – came the baroque Augustine era, the glory years of Dresden’s cultural history in which the most magnificent buildings of the historic Old Town were constructed: the Royal Palace, Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera House and Frauenkirche to name but a few. Discover for yourself its incomparable magic.

Be amazed by sheer beauty

On foot, on water – or on a classic city tour? Discover Dresden at your own pace. We especially recommend guided tours of the Old Town on foot. These offer unforgettable insights into the art galleries, the Royal Palace, Frauenkirche, museums and Semper Opera House.

Dresden is one single magnificent work of art drawing on inspiration from all over Europe. In addition to brilliant German architects and masons, master craftsmen from Italy and France helped to shape the face of the city. The charming festive architecture of the Zwinger perfectly illustrates the interplay of design and sculpture. Equally beautiful in their own individual way are the Italian-style Catholic Cathedral and the world-famous Frauenkirche with its masonry dome. The so-called ‘Canaletto view’ – the Dresden skyline as depicted by the famous artist – has for centuries exemplified the concept of a beautiful cityscape.

Art everywhere

Dresden turns your meeting into an artistic experience to suit every taste. Visit the royal treasury with its collection of jewels, admire Raphael’s world-famous Sistine Madonna or immerse yourself in the Military History Museum redesigned by Daniel Libeskind. Look forward to poring over important museum collections, for example in the Historic Green Vault. Pomp and circumstance, history and unique treasures await you. Dresden’s museum ‘landscape’ is worthy of the description. With more than 50 major museums, it even rivals London.

At the same time, there are thousands of outdoor discoveries to be made, from magnificent historical buildings to parks, sculptures, ponds, collections and even the individual features of buildings such as facades or murals. Take a look, take pictures and take away memories. We are sure that you will come back for more.

Complete with wow effect

Dresden also provides exciting contrasts to its own baroque splendour. For example, the Cool X exhibition with its spectacular insights into microelectronics. Specifically, it showcases strategies developed by Cool Silicon. The objective of Saxony’s most advanced research cluster is to reduce the world’s ever-increasing energy consumption by means of technology and globally networked IT.

The Deutsches Hygiene-Museum (DHMD) is full of surprises. For years, the DHMD has been fascinating the public with spectacular as well as entertaining special exhibitions on the human body and on social phenomena that visitors previously thought they understood well. Even marginal themes are brought up to date in the museum’s own unique way. Abenteuer Mensch (The Adventure of Mankind) is a very interesting permanent exhibition distributed around seven differently themed rooms that provides intellectual, emotional and physical stimulation on issues of everyday human life.

And that’s only two of our recommendations for a Dresden ‘wow’ effect you won’t forget in a hurry.

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